For ambitious, high-achieving, people who want to kick the gas, bloat, diarrhea, constipation 
& pain without following restrictive diets + being medicated the rest of their life.
Book a complimentary 1 hour call to assess if you are a good fit for the Love & Trust Your Guts Program. 

On this call, we will go over your health history, everything you have tried, your goals, what might be missing and how we can best support you. 
"Alyssa, I wanted to express my gratitude -- first to the Universe for connecting us, and more importantly, to you for coming into my life! In all seriousness, I was ready to "pack it in". I had tried SO many things without success, and truly, I was at my end. After 7 years of chronic hip pain, that recently spread all over my body - a surgeon telling me he won't replace my hip until I "deal with the inflammation", iI felt that I was destined for a life with chronic pain, complete with a bloated belly, constipation and an icky tummy. That was to be my life, and it sunk me to a dark place. The realization that at 58, this was life for me. Until now. Until I heard you speak at a woman's group and knew that you were the one that could help me. Thank you for guiding me, thank you to this group for the support - today, after almost 4 weeks into the program, I am pain free, and I am pooping! 


- Carolyn
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