The toughest part about unpredictable poops is knowing what’s causing them and what works.

It’s normal to be confused about your bowel movements and your gut. After all, how many of us were taught to understand how our gut works, how to maintain it and what to do if it breaks when we were in school?!

And if you weren’t taught HOW to do something… and then combined that with the internet world telling you what you SHOULD do when they know nothing about your gut or what’s causing it…

Well – it can start feeling a little like the throwing pasta to the wall and hoping it sticks. Instead of knowing what’s causing your unpredictable poops, you operate on guessing, a roll of the dice, and simply hope that this new thing will finally ‘work’.

This could explain why 30 million people throughout North America suffer with IBS.

From my experience working with people struggling with their gut like you, getting perfect poops is so difficult most people get stuck will powering through it the rest of their life, never actually finding the reason WHY this is all happening.

It would also explain why people with gut issues spend all their spare time googling desperately trying to find some sort of solution. 

Some people are even scared to leave their homes going too far away from the toilet, having to change wake up times or work schedules to accommodate bowel movements. 

And the frustration that comes from not knowing what foods to eat or what foods will cause a reaction leaves some people eliminating foods, trying diets like low FODMAP with little to no relief, just increased food fear.

Not knowing how to end the constipation, diarrhea or fluctuating poops often leaves you wondering how you’re going to:

…Stop snapping on your kids and spouse and be able to show up your best self for your family

…Eat foods without fear of a reaction, be able to eat out at restaurants and not have to cook separate meals for you vs. your family.

…Advance your career when it is everything in you to just get through the day.

…feel confident in your body when you don’t trust it.

…leave the house when you don’t know when you’re going to have to poop.

As a Holistic Nutritionist with a Functional approach,

I teach people like you how to get perfect poops so you can feel normal again, take back control of your life and be confident in your body rather than being held back and controlled by your unpredictable gut.

This is the EXACT Perfect Poop Guide that we use in my program, The Love & Trust Your Guts Program. It will show you exactly how to stabilize your bowel so you can: 

poop normally so you don't have stomach pain, fullness or nausea from angry bowels.

eat foods without worrying about a reaction. 

take back your time and stop having to google to find a quick fix so you can leave the house and live your life.

be able to function and focus on finding and addressing the root cause behind your gut issues.

When you download the perfect poop guide you’ll get the proven strategies we teach our clients inside the Love & Trust Your Guts Program to get immediate relief.
You will be able to gain trust in your body again and feel more confident in adding foods back into your diet without fear.
The perfect poop guide will only take a few minutes to master and then you can use it over and over again to successfully stabilize your bowels while you work to fix your gut.